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Matabi - Polminor Bellows Duster - Powder Sprayer

Matabi - Polminor Bellows Duster - Powder Sprayer

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A robust, 1.5 litre capacity, manual operated bellows duster that comes supplied with an adjustable 37cm plastic extension lance. These dusters provide a more accurate application than sprayers, and are suitable for applying a wide variety of dusts and powders. Other features include a wide filling mouth, and a powerful 'single effect' bellows system. Although a great product for any dust application process, the Matabi Polminor Duster is perfect for use with Mighty Organic Bedding Powder for the control insects inside poultry houses, animal pens, on bedding etc. This is because you can inject the powder with a great degree of accuracy under wall cladding and into eaves and ceiling voids. The Matabi Polminor Duster is also ideal for use in gardens for accurate spraying of herbicides and pesticides on plants and crops. It's also a great tool for use in the home when spraying flea and insect control powders.

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