About SPR Centre

SPR Centre is an independent, family owned company specialising in the supply of poultry, poultry feeds, animal health care, equipment and accessories since 1969. From our large shop in Fontwell (West Sussex), we've been using our unrivalled experience, passion and knowledge to provide products for discerning poultry keepers, livestock, equine and pet owners for over 50 years.

We were the first company to introduce package deals to the poultry newcomer in the early 1970's. This involved not only supplying poultry, but also the poultry house, run, feed, equipment and expertise - all at a discounted price. SPR Centre were also involved in the first designs of the now very popular Poultry Treadle Feeders.

From day one SPR Centre have consistently invested in the company's infrastructure to guarantee exceptional service levels at all times. This unwavering pursuit for excellence continues to this day, to ensure lead times and stock availability is unrivalled.

David C Bland

SPR Centre's founder David C Bland published his first book 'Poultry for the Garden' in 1975. This very successful book has now been reprinted for the third time and is probably the only book which has stood the test of time, being as popular today as when it was first published. Further successful books written by David since then include 'Practical Poultry Keeping' in 1996, and 'Turkeys, a Guide to Management' in 2000. David has also written columns for Smallholder Magazine, Fancy Fowl Magazine, and Feathered World Magazine.

In 2007 David also became an Executive Committee Member and Director of UKEPRA - The United Kingdom Egg Producer Retailer.

Now in his eighties, David has retired from running the company. However, SPR Centre is still going from strength to strength under the very capable hands of his two sons Barrie and Dave, and his daughter Debbie.