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Zero In - Wasp Trap Bait Refill Sachets (3 Pack)

Zero In - Wasp Trap Bait Refill Sachets (3 Pack)

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3 x bait sachets. Use with the Zero In Honeypot Wasp Trap - super effective wasp attractant, wasps love it!

3 x 4g sachets of wasp attractant for use with The Zero In Honeypot Wasp Trap (STV3688, sold separately). The reusable Honeypot Wasp Trap can be refilled with these sachets by mixing the substance with water. This highly effective attractant will lure wasps within a 20 metre radius into the Honeypot Wasp Trap where they can't get out. Zero In Wasp Trap Bait Refill Sachets contain no chemicals or poisons but are not suitable for use in areas where children or pets play as the bait is highly attractive to wasps. Use Honeypot Wasp Traps and Bait Refills throughout the summer when wasps and flies are a problem. Hang the trap in vulnerable outdoor areas to lure wasps away from barbecues, patios and play areas to protect family and friends from wasp stings. Refill bait pack only.

Key Features

✔ 3 x 4g bait sachets for use with The Zero In Honeypot Wasp Trap (STV3688, sold separately).

✔ Just mix with water.

✔ Non-toxic food grade ingredients.

✔ Highly effective.

✔ Wasps love it!

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use:

• Unscrew and remove the base section of the Wasp Trap.

• Mix the enclosed sachet with 50-100ml of water and then pour into the well of the base section.

• Re-assemble the trap and then hang it, or stand on a flat surface, ideally in a sunlit area of the garden, sheltered from direct wind.

• Ensure it is placed away from children's play areas and other spots where people are likely to gather.

• Avoid spillage of wasp lure. Clean up immediately if spillage occurs.

• The wasp lure requires an activation period of 24 hours.

• Once full, wasps can be destroyed by enclosing the trap within a polybag and then placing the trap in the freezer.

• Top up the wasp trap with additional water from time to time if required.

• Clean well before re-baiting. Empty dead insects into a plastic bag and dispose of in the household refuse.

Ingredients and nutrition

Composition: Non-toxic food grade ingredients.


Manufacturer Product Code: STV371

SPR Product Code: STV3718

Barcode: 5036200123718

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