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Zero In

Zero In - Ultra Power Ready-Baited Outdoor Fly Trap

Zero In - Ultra Power Ready-Baited Outdoor Fly Trap

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Disposable - kills up to 20,000 flies. Ready baited - just add water.

The Zero In Ultra Power Ready-Baited Outdoor Fly Trap is easy to use and comes pre-baited, only requiring you to add 300ml of water to activate it. Designed to be hung outdoors, this disposable fly trap attracts flies up to a 10 metre radius, and will kill up to 20,000 flies. The spout is specially designed so that flies can get in to the trap, but can't get out. Once the trap is filled with flies, simply twist the cap back into closed position and dispose of trap in household refuse. This powerful, professional quality disposable fly catcher is suitable for both domestic and commercial use and is a safe, poison and chemical-free way to attract and trap flies in outdoor areas.

Key Features

✔ Disposable fly trap holds up to 20,000 flies.

✔ Designed for outdoor use.

✔ Just add water to activate.

✔ Attracts flies from up to 10 metres.

✔ Flies get in but can't get out.

✔ Keeps flying insects away from the home.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use:

• Twist the cap to release and pull out, but do not remove the top completely.

• Pour water into the top of the trap to the fill line marked in blue, leaving the sachet to dissolve inside.

• Using the plastic hook hang the trap in your chosen position, 3-10 meters from the house.

• Once full, twist the cap back into position and dispose of the trap with your household refuse.

Ingredients and nutrition

Non-toxic food grade ingredients formulated by specialists to attract flies. No poisons or chemicals are used.


Manufacturer Product Code: ZER544

SPR Product Code: TR5448

Barcode: 5036200345448

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