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Virkon S - Disinfectant Tablets (50 x 5g Tablets)

Virkon S - Disinfectant Tablets (50 x 5g Tablets)

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Virkon S Tablets are a powerful broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant in easy to use tablet form. They provide perfect protection for pets and essential for the control of equine, pig, poultry and livestock diseases. Virkon S Tablets are a convenient to store and help simplify the preparation of an accurately dosed disinfectant solution. They are especially suitable for low volume applications and soluble in tap water. Once dissolved, Virkon S Tablets can be used in conjunction with trigger spray bottles for surface, equipment, skin and aerial disinfection as well as footdips. Virkon S Tablets are proven to be effective against viral, bacterial and fungal disease causing organisms on porous surfaces, in hard water, at low temperatures and the presence of organic challenge. Virkon S Tablets are an environmentally acceptable product with an exceptional safety profile towards man and animals when used and disposed of as instructed on the label. Selected by the experts and recommended and used by government agencies throughout the world, Virkon S Tablets are available in a tub containing 50 x 5g tablets. *1 x Virkon S tablet makes 500mls of disinfectant solution.

Key Features

✔ Powerful broad-spectrum virucidal disinfectant.

✔ Easy to use tablet form.

✔ Independently proven effective against virul, bacterial and fungal disease-causing organisms.

✔ Especially suitable for low volume applications and soluble in tap water.

✔ Effective on porous surfaces, in hard water, at low temperatures and in the presence of organic challenge.

✔ Industry-leading chemistry recognized by governments worldwide.

Instructions for Use

Directions for Use;

• Add one Virkon S tablet to every 500ml of water (to make a 1% soution) and allow to completely dissolve.

• Thoroughly moisten all surfaces and equipment with disifectant solution using a cloth or sponge and leave to dry.

• Virkon S solutions are stable for 5 days.

• Good infection control practice indicates that disinfectant solutions should be discarded daily.

• Store solution away from sunlight.

This disinfectant product has been approved for disinfection of inanimate surfaces where an approved product is required to be used under the control legislation for the following specific disease(s) orders;

• Foot-and-mouth disease at the dilution rate of one part of this preparation plus 1000 parts of water.

• Poultry diseases including avian influenza, influenza of avian origin in mammals, Newcastle disease, paramyxovirus at a dilution rate of one part of this preparation plus 250 parts of water.

This disinfectant product has also been approved at a dilution rate of 1 part of this preparation plus 100 parts of water for disinfection of inanimate surfaces where General Orders require the use of an approved disinfectant, but this approval does not apply to disinfection required under the specific control legislation relating to Swine Vesiculer disease or Tuberculosis disease.
This approval is granted under the Diseases of Animals (Approved Disinfectants) Orders made by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in England, Scottish ministers in Scotland and Welsh ministers in Wales.

Precautionary Statements:
Keep out of reach of children. Wear protective gloves/clothing and eye/face protection. Avoid release to the environment. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Immediately call a POISON CENTRE or doctor/physician. INHALATION: Remove from exposure, lie down. If victim has stopped breathing; Artificial respiration and/or oxygen may be necessary. Consult a physician. SKIN CONTACT: Flush contaminated skin with plenty of water. Consult a physician. INGESTION: Do NOT induce vomiting. If conscious, give small quantities of water to drink. Call aphysician immediately.

Use disinfectants safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not allow concentrate or solutions to enter watercourses. When prolonged contact with metal surfaces is expected rinse with clean water. Rinse out application equipment after use. This package contains a desiccant sachet which must be retained in the container. Replace lid tightly after dispensing tablets. Wash container and dispose of safely. Do not mix with other chemicals except those recommended by the manufacturer.

Ingredients and nutrition

Pentapotassium bis(peroxymonosuphate) bis(sulphate); benzenesulfonic acid, C10-13-alkyl dervis; sodium salts; potassium hydrogensulphate; dipotassium disulphate.

Supplemental Information:
Contains: dipotassium peroxodisulphate. May produce an alergic reaction. Biocidal active substances; pentapotassium bis(peroxymonosuphate) at 50.4%; active chlorine generated in-situ from sodium chloride and pentapotassium bis(peroxymonosuphate) bis(sulphate).


Tub Quantity: 50 x 5g tablets.
SPR Product Code: BT0832
Barcode: 5030157000832

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