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Tomcat - Mouse Attractant Gel - 30ml

Tomcat - Mouse Attractant Gel - 30ml

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Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel is non-poisonous, non-toxic and specially formulated to enhance the effectiveness of plastic, wooden, or live traps. Scientific lab trials have shown Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel to be more effective than peanut butter at enticing mice into a trap. To use, just place a small amount of gel onto a mouse trap to attract curious mice and increase the likelihood of capture. The no-drip squeeze bottle and long nozzle also makes application very easy.

Key Features:
Non-poisonous, non-toxic attractant designed to enhance the effectiveness of any wood, plastic or live trap.
Proven alternative to peanut butter or cheese.
Gel is pre-mixed and ready-to use.
No-drip squeeze bottle for easy application.
Attracts both rats and mice.

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