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The Big Cheese - Ultra Power XL Rat Trap

The Big Cheese - Ultra Power XL Rat Trap

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The Big Cheese Ultra Power XL Rat Trap is performance tested to ensure effective control of rats – just like the traps that professionals use. The XL Rat Trap is also 50% bigger and more powerful than other rat traps, making it ideal for use against “Super Rats” and roof rats. The trap is baited, ready-to-use and easy to set. Simply remove the bait cover then squeeze the trap with one hand to set – XL Rat Traps are guaranteed to kill rats, or your money back. Heavy infestations may require more traps. For best results when using more than one trap, place them 4-5 metres apart along walls and runways where rats are active.

Key Features:
Simple one-touch trap setting.
Baited and ready-to-use.
Trap clicks open for easy disposal and re-use.
Super-sized rat trap – 50% more powerful.

Setting Instructions:
1. Baited ready-to-use. Remove the bait cover before use.
2. To set the trap press down the raised grip at the back of the upper section until the mechanism clicks into the locked position.
3. Position the trap at right angles to the wall in areas where rats are a problem. KEEP HANDS AWAY FROM TRAP. In open areas, or where there is a risk of accidental contact, place the trap in an enclosed trap station.
4. Open the trap to dispose of the catch. Double bag the catch and place in a household bin with a secure lid. There is no need to touch the captured rat.

Trapping Tips:
• Ensure that food sources are removed from the treatment area.
• The ideal location for traps is against a wall in a protected area, away from people, animals and wildlife.


Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always wash your hands after handling traps or stations. It is an offence to locate the

Dimensions (when open): 180mm (L) x 105mm (W) x 90mm (H).

Key Features

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