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Tetra Pond - Multi Mix - 760g

Tetra Pond - Multi Mix - 760g

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Tetra Pond Multi Mix is a premium food mix specially designed for ponds with different sizes and types of fish. It offers a complete and varied diet, containing the best flakes, sticks and wafers. This highly digestible and balanced formula avoids the need for over feeding, so reducing possible water pollution. The Mix consists of: high-quality flakes that are particularly suited to the nutritional requirements of young and smaller fish. Floating food sticks for all fish that prefer to eat their food at the surface of the pond, and sinking wafers that are particularly suited to all bottom-dwelling pond fish. Tetra Pond Multi Mix also contains Gammarus Pulex (a tasty river shrimp) which has been included as a special delicacy for your fish, along with  BioActive formula to promote a healthy imune system, energy and vitality.

Key Features

✔ Food mix comprising of four types of food for different species of pond fish.

✔ High quality flakes for young and small fish.

✔ Floating sticks for fish that like to eat at the pond surface.

✔ Sinking wafers for bottom-dwelling pond fish.

✔ Natural gammarus as tasty treats.

✔ Includes BioActive formula to promote a healthy imune system, energy and vitality.

Instructions for Use

Feeding Guide:
Feed Tetra Pond Multi Mix 2-4 times a day on the temperature), feeding only as much as the fish will consume within a few minutes.

Ingredients and nutrition

Cereals, Fish and fish derivatives, Vegetable protein extracts, Molluscs and crustaceans (Fresh Water Shrimps 7,8%), Yeasts, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Oils and fats, Algae, Minerals, Various sugars.

Vitamins: Vitamin D3 1470 IU/kg. Trace elements: Manganese (manganese (II) sulphate, monohydrate) 52 mg/kg, Zinc (zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 31 mg/kg, Iron (iron(II) sulphate, monohydrate) 20 mg/kg. Colourants, Antioxidants, Preservatives.

Analytical Constituents:
Crude protein 41.0%, Crude fat 7.0%, Crude fibre 5.0%, Moisture Content 8.0%.


Weight: 760g (4 Litres)
Contains: Flakes, Floating Sticks, Sinking Wafers.
Brand: Tetra Pond.
SPR Centre Product Code: TET0285.
Barcode: 4004218170285.

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