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Tetra Pond - MediFin

Tetra Pond - MediFin

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Multi-purpose remedy against the most common diseases. Also for prevention and disinfection.

Tetra Pond MediFin is a multi-purpose remedy for all ornamental pond fish. A combination of active ingredients enables safe, effective and wide-ranging treatment of the most common diseases found in ornamental pond fish. These include: White Spot (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis), skin parasites, gill flukes, bacteria causing skin infections, fin rot, and fungus. Tetra Pond MediFin can also be used on infectious wounds and external lesions, and biological water cloudiness. Use MediFin to treat fish showing symptoms of disease, and also to prevent secondary infections following physical injury or stress (e.g. after removing fish for pond maintenance, or when adding new fish). Tetra Pond MediFin reliably disinfects garden pond water and can also be used alongside Tetra Pond AquaSafe to support the fish‘s protective mucous layer, which acts as a natural barrier against further infection.
*Do not use for fish which are intended for human consumption.

Key Features

✔ Multi-purpose remedy designed to treat the most common pond fish diseases.

✔ Tackles parasitic and bacterial diseases including infections, fungi and fin rot.

✔ Effective against wounds and all types of external injuries.

✔ Prevents secondary infections.

✔ Disinfects garden pond water.

✔ Easy to dose.

✔ Fast and effective.

✔ Can also be used as a preventative measure, especially before and after a dormancy period or when adding new fish.

✔ Can be used in conjunction with Tetra Pond Aqua Safe.

✔ Safe for all fish, filter bacteria and plants.

Instructions for Use

Dosage instructions:
Add 10ml to each 230 litres of water. It is important to start treatment as soon as possible to ensure fish have the best chance of recovering.

If symptoms persist, re-treat the pond with Tetra Pond MediFin at the full dose after 7 days. For white spot infections repeat the treatment at least three times to prevent re-infection.

If present, it is advisable to switch off the ultraviolet clarifier for the full duration of treatment with Tetra Pond MediFin to maximise effectiveness. The use of Tetra Pond MediFin as with many other medicines at water temperature below 10 to 12°C is not recommended due to the reduced activity of diseases and of the fish's immune system. As with all medicines, we recommend good aeration of the pond water during treatment through the use of fountains, waterfall, air pumps etc.
As most diseases are caused through poor water quality, we recommend testing the water with a water testing kit. Good water quality will prevent future problems and increase the chance of recovery.

**Before use refer to the full instructions inside of the peel-back label.

Do not use for fish which are intended for human consumption. Garden pond treatment only. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat or direct sunlight. Do not store above 25°C. Do not use in combination with treatments other than those manufactured by Tetra.

Ingredients and nutrition

Active Ingredients (per 100ml): Formaldehyde 4.762g, Malachite green oxalate 90.0mg.


Content: 250ml for 5,750 litres of pond water.

SPR Product Code: TET7203

Barcode: 4004218747203

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