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Tetra Pond - AquaSafe (Pond Water Conditioner)

Tetra Pond - AquaSafe (Pond Water Conditioner)

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Tetra Pond AquaSafe makes tap water safe for fish by removing harmful compounds and adding beneficial substances. At times it is necessary to add tap water to the pond, following maintenance or evaporation. Tap water is designed for human use, and therefore contains high levels of chlorine and chloramine to kill bacteria and germs. In addition, it may contain varying levels of toxic heavy metals. Chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals are toxic to fish, and will cause them long-term damage and stress. Leaving water to stand will not remove all of these factors, and so is not an alternative to using a water conditioner. Tetra Pond AquaSafe neutralises the harmful elements in tap water, and adds beneficial substances to create healthy, fish-friendly water. It contains special compounds that eliminate chlorine and chloramine, and bind up heavy metals. Tetra Pond AquaSafe also contains colloids that coat the fish, protecting them against infection. Unlike most water conditioners, Tetra Pond AquaSafe leaves no residues and is completely broken down to harmless substances.

Key Features

✔ Neutralises harmful chlorine and chloramine.

✔ Detoxifies poisonous heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead.

✔ Easy and precise dosage.

✔ Immediate and long-lasting effect.

✔ With iodine and minerals to increase fish vitality and promote breeding.

✔ Organic colloidal ingredients effectively protect fish gills and mucous membranes and thus prevent disease.

✔ Creates ideal conditions for the colonisation of micro-organisms, which break down toxic substances such as ammonia and nitrite.

✔ Essential during partial water changes and after prolonged rainfall.

Instructions for Use

Essential when filling a pond for the first time, during all partial water changes, after prolonged rainfall and after treatment for disease.

Dosing instructions:
Shake the bottle well before use. Use the measuring cup to add 50 ml of Tetra Pond AquaSafe for every 1,000 litres of added water.
For best results, dilute Tetra Pond AquaSafe in a container prior to use and then spread over the entire water surface.
If you are filling the pond directly from a hose, you can also add the necessary quantity of Tetra Pond AquaSafe directly to the water before or after the pond is replenished in total.
We recommend a regular dosing every 2-3 weeks with half the amount. There is no danger of an overdose.

Store away from heat or direct sunlight.

Do not use in combination with treatments other than those manufactured by Tetra.

Ingredients and nutrition

Composition: (not specified on label).


Content: 250ml for 5,000 litres of water.

SPR Product Code: TET7210

Barcode: 4004218747210

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