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Tetra Pond - AlgoFin

Tetra Pond - AlgoFin

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Effectively treats blanketweed.

Blanketweed and algae can easily and quickly build up in your pond water and can pose a threat to the life of the fish and plants living in the water. Effective treatment and removal of these dangerous elements is vital in order to maintain and healthy pond environment. Tetra Pond AlgoFin is an effective and high quality treatment that directly suppresses the blanketweed and algae as it is added to the water. Over time the blanketweed and algae will break down to levels easily handled by filters and UVs. Not only is it simple to dose and effectively reduces the growth of blanketweed, but Tetra Pond AlgoFin can also be used as an effective deterrent against green water (floating algae).

*Tetra Pond AlgoFin Treatment is an HSE approved algaecide for blanketweed - HSE 7695 (PCS 93719).

**Tetra Pond AlgoFin is safe to use around fish and plants, but is not recommended for use in ornamental ponds or wildlife ponds where frogs and toads may live.

Key Features

✔ For use in ornamental ponds with fish, plants and microorganisms.

✔ Effectively combats blanketweed, floating and slime algae.

✔ Destroys the algae after two to three weeks.

✔ Prevents further algae growth.

✔ Incredibly easy to use with precise dosages.

✔ HSE approved algaecide.

✔ Harmless to fish and plants.

Instructions for Use

• Shake well before use.
• Using the dosing cap, add 50ml Tetra Pond AlgoFin per every 1,000 litres of pond water.
• For best results, distribute evenly in the water with a stick, since dead algae impair the water quality.
• Ensure the pond is well aerated during treatment.
• Do not filter UV clarifiers or activated carbon for at least 7 days after the addition of the product.
• During the treatment for approx. 4 weeks do not undertake any water changes.
• For heavy algae growth, we recommend to repeat the treatment using half of the stated amount after approx. 4 weeks.

• Store away from heat or direct sunlight.
• Protect from frost.

Ingredients and nutrition

Active Ingredient (per 100ml): Monolinuron 0,75g.

Contains: 2,2',2"-(hexahydro-1,3,5-triazine-1,3,5-triyl) triethanol.


Content: 250ml for 5000 litres of pond water.

SPR Product Code: TET50784

Barcode: 4004218750784

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