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Supreme Tiny Friends Farm - Russel Rabbit Tasty Hay - 2kg

Supreme Tiny Friends Farm - Russel Rabbit Tasty Hay - 2kg

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Supreme Russel Rabbit Tasty Hay is a 100% natural product for rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, chinchillas and other small herbivores. Hay is a necessary component of a small herbivore’s diet, helping to aid digestion and wear down their teeth. Russel Rabbit Tasty Hay is an excellent for foraging & a good source of beneficial fibre. It provides not only a source of dental wear, by encouraging natural chewing behaviour, but also environmental enrichment, mimicking a natural habitat. This very palatable meadow hay expands to 4 times it's original size once removed from the packaging and will keep your pet amused and foraging all day. Supreme Russel Rabbit Tasty Hay is also dust-extracted to help prevent respiratory and other problems.

Key Points:
100% natural meadow hay
High in fibre
Aids digestion
Excellent for foraging
Helps keep teeth healthy by encouraging natural chewing behaviour
Mimics natural habitat
Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, chinchillas and all small herbivores
Dust-extracted to help prevent respiratory problems
Expands to 4 times original size

Feeding Guide:
Remember that good quality feeding hay and/or grass should make up 85-90% of your rabbits’ diet and should be available at all times. Fresh, clean water should always be available as well.

Always ensure you are monitoring your rabbits’ weight to ensure a healthy weight. If you are ever unsure you should seek veterinary advice

Composition: 100% natural meadow hay.

Analytical Constituents:
Protein 14.0%, crude fibres 12.0%, fat content 4.0%, ash 5.0%, calcium 0.6%, phosphorus 0.4%.

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