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SuperCat - Catch Alive Mouse Trap

SuperCat - Catch Alive Mouse Trap

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The innovative Catch Alive Mouse Trap catches mice alive without causing them harm and allows their release without you touching them. Insert a bait capsule and simply depress a button to set the trap. Check frequently to see if a mouse has been caught. Catching mice alive has never been as easy and humane Catch Alive trap. The functional design prevents the captured mouse from escaping. It is important, therefore, to set the mouse free as soon as possible so as not to cause it too much stress and so it is essential to check the trap often and at least every 4 hours. To avoid the mouse returning, release it more than 1km from where it was caught.

Key Features:
100% Effective: exclusive patented design prevents the trap from closing until the mouse has entered the trap.
Supplied complete with three bait capsules - the bait is a food based non-toxic product and is highly attractive to mice.
Simple press-button operation.
Hygienic, no-touch mouse release.
No springs or snap-shut jaws - safe for the elderly, children and pets.

How to use Catch Alive Mousetrap:

1. Remove the protective cover from a bait capsule. Slide the capsule fully into the slot at the end of the trap.

2. There are two buttons on the top of the trap. To open the trap, press the long bar button. To close the trap, press the smaller button. Open the trap and place it parallel to and against a wall where you think that mice are active (mice rarely stray into open spaces). where you suspect there are mice. As mice seldom cross open spaces, position the trap parallel to and against a wall.

3. To free a captured mouse, lay the trap on the ground and open it. The mouse will exit of its own accord, though this may take a little time. To prevent the return of a mouse, release it at least 1 km (3/4 mile) from where it was caught.

To avoid causing distress to a captured mouse, check the trap latest every 4 hours.

Key Features

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