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Super Codlivine - The Complete Supplement - 2.5kg

Super Codlivine - The Complete Supplement - 2.5kg

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Super Codlivine the Complete Supplement is a balanced, broad spectrum blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, together with cod liver oil to optimise health and well being. It is based on the finest available grass meal to closely mimic the horse’s natural diet and is bursting with health and vitality to help improve your horse's coat and hoof condition. Super Codlivine the Complete Supplement makes horses feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. No other nutritional supplement will be required. A 2.5kg tub provides your horse with over a months supply.

Key Features

✔ A balanced, broad spectrum blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

✔ With added cod liver oil.

✔ Supports inner health.

✔ Bursting with health and vitality.

✔ Improves coat and hoof condition.

✔ Over one months supply.

Instructions for Use

Directions for use:

Add the recommended amount to the daily feed:


Foals: 1 measure (35g).

Yearlings: 1.5 measures (52.5g).

Horses and Ponies: 2 measures (70g).

Performance Horses: 3 measures (105g).


• A measure is included.

• The weights specified are approximate.

• Do not give more than the stated amount per day.

• Introduce gradually if feeding for the first time as with any dietary change.

Ingredients and nutrition

Grassmeal, Wheatfeed, Cod Liver Oil (15%), Calcium Carbonate, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride,Trace Elements, Magnesium Oxide, Vitamins, L-Lysine, Flavour, Methionine. Contains: Butylated Hydroxyanisole (E320), Ethoxyquin (E324).

Crude Protein 9.5%, Crude Oils and Fats 16.5%, Crude Fibre 9%, Crude Ash 29%, Vitamin A 400,000 i.u/kg, Vitamin D3 80,000 i.u/kg, Vitamin E 1000mg/kg, Vitamin B1 700mg/kg, Vitamin B2 700mg/kg, Vitamin B6 300mg/kg, Vitamin B12 500mcg/kg, Niacin 1500mg/kg, Pantothenic Acid 500mg/kg, Biotin 150mg/kg, Vitamin K 150mg/kg, Lysine 4400mg/kg, Methionine 1400mg/kg, Calcium 4%, Phosphorus P 1.5%, Magnesium 1.5%, Sodium 2%, Iodine 30mg/kg, Selenium 8mg/kg, Cobalt 10mg/kg, Manganese 1600mg/kg, Iron 7600mg/kg, Copper 1500mg/kg, Zinc 4000mg/kg, Folic Acid 300mg/kg.


Tub Size: 2.5kg
SPR Product Code: BT1752
Barcode: 5027286031752

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