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Sundown - Egg-e-bed Poultry Bedding - 19kg

Sundown - Egg-e-bed Poultry Bedding - 19kg

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Egg-e-bed is a soft and cosy high quality poultry bedding that's great for your birds as well as the environment. This shorter-chopped wheat straw is great for the whole coop - especially the nest boxes where it encourages hens to nest and lay. It is made from locally-grown 100% British straw with a long-lasting fresh eucalyptus fragrance which helps to deter flies and reduce odours. Egg-e-bed is also double dust-extracted during the manufacturing process using an innovative vacuum extraction method to provide a healthier, low-dust coop environment for your birds. This premium poultry bedding is also highly sustainable - not only does Egg-e-bed offer a cozy haven for your poultry, but it also composts quickly into a nutritious plant fertiliser, promoting eco-friendly practices. Elevate your poultry’s comfort and well-being with Sundown’s finely-chopped wheat straw bedding, specially crafted to cater to your feathered friends and the planet.

Key Features

✔ Best quality 100% British straw.

✔ Fresh eucalyptus fragrance.

✔ Finely chopped for a fluffy bed.

✔ Soft, warm, and cosy.

✔ Encourages nesting and laying.

✔ Can be home-composted.

✔ Makes a nutritious garden fertiliser.

✔ Suitable for all poultry of all ages.

Instructions for Use

How do I use Egg-e-bed Poultry Bedding?

• Egg-e-bed can be used everywhere in your poultry house or chicken coop, on the floor and in the nest boxes.

• Lay out sufficient bedding that your birds can scratch, lay and rest. Provide enough bedding in the nest boxes for hens to arrange to their liking!

• To keep the coop or house clean, regularly remove droppings and wet patches.

• Egg-e-bed can be composted at home and will rot down quickly to make a nutritious garden fertiliser.

Ingredients and nutrition

Composition: Best quality, finely chopped British straw.

*The wrapping used for Egg-e-bed bedding is made from LDPE (low density polyethylene) plastic and contains 30% recycled plastic. You can recycle the bale wrapping where soft plastics are accepted. This includes many supermarkets and some local authority recycling centres.

Please do not recycle at home.


Bale weight: 19kg.
SPR Product Code: CM0037
Barcode: 5060968080037

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