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Silva Bed

Silva Bed - Silva Crumb Horse Bedding - 18kg

Silva Bed - Silva Crumb Horse Bedding - 18kg

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Pine bedding pellets for horses.

Silva Crumb pine bedding pellets have been developed exclusively with your horse in mind. Made from kiln dried pine, selected for its bright golden colour, high absorbency and exceptional ability to control ammonia within the stable. Silva Crumb pellets are both comfortable, supportive and long lasting, providing an ultra low dust bedding system. Experience how time saving to use and efficient Silva Crumb is in reducing the amount of bedding you waste when skipping out, making Silva Crumb a leap forward to a more economical and environmentally sustainable bedding system.

Key Features

✔ A suportive and comfortable bed for horses.

✔ Outstanding absorbency.

✔ Natural ammonia control, reduces odour and taint.

✔ Extremely low dust.

✔ Time saving and easy to use.

✔ Smaller manure heaps.

✔ Quick to compost.

Instructions for Use

Directions for Use:


• Start with a clean empty stable.

• We recommend between 6 to 7 bags to initially prepare a good sized 12’ x 12’ stable (approximately 3.5m x 3.5m).

• Fewer bags can be used if the stable also has rubber matting or is smaller.

• Lay the bags flat on the stable floor and cut the bags open diagonally corner to corner.


• Using clean water to activate the dried pellets, add approximately 5 litres or around 1/4 to 1/3 of a bucket of water, tipping it carefully over the pellets into each open bag.

• Leave the wetted bags for around 15 minutes for the moisture to activate with the dried pellets which will then expand into a friable crumb material.


• After approximately 15 minutes tip out the bedding crumb onto the stable floor and spread evenly with a shovel or fine tined fork to form a bed area.

• If applying on top of rubber matting this can be thinner but we typically recommend a bed depth of around 4” or approximately 10cm to offer comfort and support for your horse.



• Using a fine tined fork, sieve through and remove only manure solids incorporating and mixing any wet patches into the existing dry bedding.

• After time any particularly wet spots can be removed from the bed with a fine tined fork.

• Fresh pellets can be added to wet spots using the same activation method, or, if there are any particularly wet spots within the stable, pellets can be added straight from the bag without pre-wetting to increase absorbency.


• Each week or as necessary add between 1 to 2 bags of activated pellets.

• If preferred you can add extra without pre-wetting to keep the bed topped as waste is removed.

Ingredients and nutrition

Composition: Kiln dried, pine wood pellets.


Bag Size: 18kg
SPR Product Code: SB1208
Barcode: 5070000811208

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