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Scarper Clear - Anti-Peck Spray - 250ml

Scarper Clear - Anti-Peck Spray - 250ml

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Scarper Clear is a natural, clear, odourless solution and can be applied directly to animals to prevent cannibalism, feather pecking & tail biting. Feather-pecking in chickens and tail-biting in pigs can cause significant damage to the animals concerned. Once the habit starts it becomes a vice which is very difficult to break and spreads from the original culprit to other members of the flock who soon pick up on the idea! The outcome is not only distressing but has significant financial implications for the flock owner as in severe cases it leads to loss of production and even death. A pecked chicken is not a happy chicken - and miserable chickens don’t lay eggs! Scarper Clear works by eliminating the characteristic scent of other animals and by causing a bitter taste which deters the animals from pecking or biting. Scarper Clear is a non- staining product making it especially effective to use on white birds or show birds and show animals.

Click Here for the Scarper Clear safety data sheet.

Key Features

✔ No discolouration or staining.

✔ Perfect for show birds or white birds.

✔ No nasty smells.

✔ Natural, clear solution.

✔ No need for gloves.

✔ Highly effective.

Instructions for Use

If signs of pecking/biting are visible, spray the affected area until pecking/biting stops. In extreme cases of damage, consult your veterinarian. Scarper Clear can also be used as a preventative measure.

Ingredients and nutrition

Active ingredients: Flavour oils.


Bottle Size: 250ml
SPR Product Code: TR6213
Barcode: 5060189546213

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