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Rentokil - Ant Killer Gel (2 Pack)

Rentokil - Ant Killer Gel (2 Pack)

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Rentokil Ant Killer Gel contains two bait stations which contain a specially formulated "honey" based gel to destroy both ants and their nests. Designed to be used in and around your home, Rentokil Ant Killer Gel is clean and easy to use and will eliminte the nest within 21 to 28 days. Simply place 1-2 bait stations per room (depending on size and severity of the infestation). Worker ants are attracted to the insecticidal gel bait (considering it as food) and carry it back to the nest and share with the other ants, larvae and the queen to destroy the entire colony. Pack includes two gel-filled bait stations containing 1-R trans phenothrin. Always read the label and product information before use. Use biocides safely. This product is intended for indoor use only.

Key Features

✔ Specially formulated gel to destroy both ants and their nests.

✔ For use in and around the home.

✔ Pack contains 2 x bait stations.

✔ Clean and easy to use.

✔ Contains 1-R trans phenothrin.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use:

• Remove the bait station from the box and place down on a flat surface near ant nests, trails or where ants access the room in an area protected from moisture.

• Activate the unit by pressing down firmly on the top round button of the bait station.

• The bait station is now ready to use.

• Apply the product away from direct sunlight or heat sources (e.g. do not place it under a radiator).

• The product should not be re-used or recycled.

Application rate:
Place 1-2 bait stations per room, not exceeding 1 bait station per 8 square metres.

Do not use where food or water could become contaminated.
Keep away from children.
Use biocides safely.
Always read the label and product information before use.

Ingredients and nutrition

Active Ingredient: 1-R trans phenothrin 0.1% w/w (1g/kg).


Pack Size: 2 x Bait Stations

SPR Product Code: TR4775

Barcode: 5012607004775

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