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Rentokil - Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker (4 Pack)

Rentokil - Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker (4 Pack)

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Keep your home free of flies and insects with the Rentokil Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker. The sticker is poison-free and specially designed to attract and control flies and insects - the flies land on them and stick to them. Rentokil Advanced Fly Trap Window Stickers are easy to apply and remove and will also trap moths, wasps and beetles. Rentokil Advanced Fly Trap Window Stickers are ideal for all rooms, including bedrooms, kitchens and greenhouses and leave no trace when removed. Each pack contains four easy-to-use traps.


Key Features

✔ Easy to apply and remove.

✔ Also traps moths, wasps and beetles.

✔ Ideal for all rooms including bedrooms, kitchens and greenhouses.

✔ Insecticide-free.

✔ Leaves no trace when removed.

✔ Contains 4 stickers.

✔ Part of the Rentokil safer pest control range.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use:

To apply the sticker:

• Peel off the yellow protective paper from the centre outwards (you will see that the paper is split in two).

• Apply the exposed yellow flower design to the window. Ideal positions are top or bottom corners of the window.

• Once the trap is positioned on the window, peel off the other protective paper quickly, starting from the corner.

• The sticker is now ready to use.

To remove the sticker:
Peel the sticker off the window from the yellow corner marked 'to remove peel here' and wrap up the used sticker before disposing in the household waste.

Important to Note:
Take care when positioning this sticker on windows where blinds are in close proximity, as glue may stain fabrics or plastics. Window cleaning products and other chemicals may react with the glue, therefore, always apply this sticker to a clean, clear window. This product may not be suitable at very high temperatures above 40ºC. In the event of an incident, the sticky glue can be removed by using vegetable oil.

Ingredients and nutrition

A specially designed sticker, WITHOUT AN INSECTICIDE, to attract and control flies and flying insects in any room.


Size: Contains 4 stickers.

SPR Product Code: TR5048

Barcode: 5012607005048

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