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Red Gorilla

Red Gorilla - Dripfeed (Red)

Red Gorilla - Dripfeed (Red)

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The Red Gorilla Dripfeed is a treat ball specially designed to help improve the well-being of your horse, and to relieve stress, anxiety and boredom.

Combining a shape that is difficult to roll in a straight line with generous size, this dribble treat feeder will keep the horse busy and entertained. Made from high-quality, food-grade plastic, the Red Gorilla Dripfeed Horse Treat Ball is durable even when kicked, bitten or thrown. It also stimulates natural grazing and increases feeding duration to promote good digestion. Simply fill the Red Gorilla Dripfeed ball with pieces of carrot or tasty treats, and let your horse kick it around to get to the tasty snacks inside.

*Dripfeed Only* - Treats sold separately.

Key Features

✔ Good all round suitability.

✔ Can be used indoors or outdoors, keeping your horse entertained in the stable or paddock.

✔ The unique shape makes it difficult to roll in a straight line which will keep your horse very busy!

✔ Helps to reduce boredom, anxiety and stress.

✔ Increases feeding duration.

✔ Stimulating natural grazing.

✔ Improves horse muscle tone and flexibility.

✔ No plugs, stoppers or other removable parts.

✔ Moulded from ultra tough, high-quality, food-grade plastic.

Instructions for Use

• To use, simply fill the Red Gorilla Dripfeed Ball with pieces of carrot, or your horse's normal daily ration of treats.

• Introduce your horse to the Red Gorilla Dripfeed Ball by letting him smell the ball and its contents.

• Gently push the Red Gorilla Dripfeed Ball, allowing some of the treats to fall out, your horse will soon get the idea!

• Leave in the stable or field for your horse to play and feed throughout the day.

Ingredients and nutrition

Materials: Made from ultra tough, high-quality, food-grade plastic.


Colour: Red.
Dimensions: Height: 22cm. Width: 22cm
SPR Product Code: KM7360
Barcode: 729848007360

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