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Poultry for the Garden (Paperback Book)

Poultry for the Garden (Paperback Book)

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By David Bland.
This essential booklet is set out in an easy to read and well illustrated format to give the potential home egg producer the up to date knowledge needed to make garden egg production both interesting and rewarding. This completely new and revised publication is based on over 50 years practical experience and will give it's readers confidence in their new venture. Contents include: Housing, feeding, buying pullets, mixing pullets with older birds, culling, broodiness, moulting, storing eggs, egg grades, birds for exhibition, parasites, diseases and much more. Now retired, Author David Bland has previously written regular columns for Smallholder Magazine and Feathered World Magazine as well as hosting poultry husbandry courses at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum in West Sussex.

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