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Pillow Wad

Pillow Wad - Woodshavings - (Large) 3.6kg

Pillow Wad - Woodshavings - (Large) 3.6kg

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Wonderful wood. The natural properties of soft wood enable it to mask odours so Pillow Wad don't add a thing. The ultimate soft, comfy bedding. Soft, safe and ready to snuggle in. Pillow Wad wood shavings are also sustainable - sourced from well-managed forests. Kiln dried and dust-extracted to reduce bacteria and aid respiratory health, they’re highly absorbent and fully biodegradable. Your furry friends can enjoy warm, comfy bedding while you have full peace of mind that any niffs and odours will also be under control. Pillow Wad wood shavings are suitabel for all kinds of animals including, rabbits, chickens, mice and chinchillas to name a few.

Key Features:
Eco friendly (sourced from well-managed forests).

Warm, comfy bedding from sustainable sources.

Safe, soft and ideal for snuggling in, for animals indoors and out including rabbits, chickens, mice and chinchillas.

Super absorbent, soft wood that masks little niffs and odours.

Kiln dried and dust-extracted to reduce bacteria and moisture.

100% biodegradable. When your bag and bedding are done pop them straight in your compost bin.

Pro Tips:
• Spread across the bedding area so it’s about 3 to 5 cm in height and add a bit more to form a big pile in the corner for your pet to be creative and nest in.

Check daily and remove any damp or soiled shavings from your pet’s home to keep them feeling fresh.

Remember hay should make up 80% of your pet’s diet with fresh water always available.

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