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Pest-Stop - Easy Setting Metal Rat Trap

Pest-Stop - Easy Setting Metal Rat Trap

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The Pest-Stop Easy Setting Metal Rat Trap is a fully reusable, powerful rat trap with a long-lasting, robust metal construction. The trap is very easy to set and wipe clean, and it's extremely sensitive mechanism and powerful action bar ensures a quick humane kill.

Key Features:
Effective, robust and long lasting metal rat trap.
Sensitive mechanism and powerful action for a quick kill.
Easy to set.

Directions for Use:
1. Hold the trap so that the wire square is facing away from you.
2. Place the bait firmly on the the curved bait hook - Use chocolate or peanut butter.
3. With the arm pointing towards you, carefully pull back the wire square.
4. Move the arm forward over the wire square and secure it under the bait hook to set the trap.
5. Carefully place the trap where rats have been active, with the baited end set against a wall.

Dimensions: Height 2.5cm. Length 17cm. Depth 9cm.

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