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Ostrea - Chick Grit (1mm - 2.5mm) - 25kg

Ostrea - Chick Grit (1mm - 2.5mm) - 25kg

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Ostrea Flint Chick Grit contains all of the right graded ingredients to maintain good health, aid digestion and increase vitality in baby chicks.

Ostrea Flint Grit No. 1 contains smaller-sized insoluble flint grit (1mm - 2.5mm) which is the perfect size for chicks. It acts as a grinding agent in the young bird's gizzard to enable them to safely digest their food.

Ostrea Flint Grits are a high quality product that are carefully washed, ground, graded and heat-treated under strict conditions before being packaged. They do not contain any artificial ingredients or colours but are similar to what the bird would choose naturally, in the wild.

Key Features

✓ Insoluble grit.
✓ Helps chicks grind their food.
✓ Aids digestion.
✓ Maintains good health and vitality.

Instructions for Use

To start with, provide Ostrea Flint Chick Grit from the day old stage by sprinkling it over their food. Once the chicks have become more adventurous, place a supply of grit in a container which they can easily find. Ostrea Flint Chick Grit is also suitable for growers.

Ingredients and nutrition

Composition: Flint Grit


Grit Size: 1mm - 2.5mm.
Bag Weight: 25kg.
SPR Product Code: MR13
Barcode: 5031693144257

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