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Orpington Tripod Poultry Drinker - 20 litre Capacity

Orpington Tripod Poultry Drinker - 20 litre Capacity

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Suitable for poultry, fowl and game birds, the Orpington Tripod Poultry Drinker is robust, high quality and ideal for a large flock. It has a sturdy, plastic tripod base with wide feet for extra stability. Its white water tank is easy to fill from the top by removing the screw-on lid which also features a strong integral handle. The water drinking pan sits 16cm above the ground, meaning it is less prone to contamination. The domed tank also prevents perching and reduces the risk of contamination.

Gaun Orpington Poultry Drinker Instructions:
Slide the blue ring down the outlet tube to cover the outlet hole. Fill the tank from the top & screw the top cap back on tightly enough for the tank to be airtight (but not so tight that it damages the cap or tank). Raise the blue ring to allow the water to come out of the hole. Once the water level in the saucer covers the hole, the water will stop flowing and a vacuum is created in the tank. As the hens drink the water, it will be replenished in the saucer. If you find the water overflows, it is usually because the tank is not airtight. This can be solved by checking the screw cap and perhaps smearing some Vaseline inside the cap seal (sometimes this is needed with new tanks until they 'bed in.') Place on a level surface.

Important Note: The top cap with the O-ring must be tightened properly or Gaun Orpington Poultry Drinker will leak and not function.

Diameter: Ø36cm. Height: 62cm. Capacity: 20 litres.

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