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Northern Crop Driers

Northern Crop Driers - Megazorb Original Bedding - 85 litres

Northern Crop Driers - Megazorb Original Bedding - 85 litres

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Megazorb is a highly absorbent bedding for horses made from biodegradable virgin wood pulp fibre, a by-product of the British papermaking industry.

Key Features

✔ Comfortable insulated bedding.

✔ Super absorbent.

✔ Minimum upkeep.

✔ Cost effective.

✔ Less bedding to physically handle and dispose of.

✔ Quick to compost.

✔ Double dust extracted.

✔ Ideal for horses with respiratory problems.

✔ Absorbs stable odours.

✔ Ideal for rubber mats.

Instructions for Use

Get the most from your Megazorb Bedding:

How you use Megazorb will be determined by your management style, the type of box used and the habits of the animal in question.

The following recommendations are based on real management programmes undertaken by horse owners who routinely use Megazorb.

1: Start with a completely clean stable.

2: Use 8 or more bags of Megazorb per stable (12ft by 10ft). Use less for rubber matting.

3: During the first week add a further bag of Megazorb.

4: Every week thereafter add half to one bag of Megazorb. Remove solids daily (easily done with a shavings fork).

5: Remove very wet patches whilst leaving the base of the bed untouched. If necessary replace with fresh Megazorb.

6: If Megazorb becomes too dry in warm weather it may need to be dampened down using a watering can in order to work effectively.

Ingredients and nutrition

Bedding Material: 100% natural virgin wood pulp fibre.


Bale Size: 85 litres.
SPR Product Code: SB15
Barcode: 5038634230154

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