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Northern Crop Driers

Northern Crop Driers - Graze-On Original - 15kg

Northern Crop Driers - Graze-On Original - 15kg

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Graze On Original contains 100% dried grass, which is full of fibre and offers natural nutrition for horses. Graze On Original is a short chop forage that prolongs feeding time, aids digestion, and has high levels of digestible fibre. Graze On Original may be fed on it's own, as part of a forage ration or to add bulk and fibre to a concentrate ration. Graze On Original is also molasses free and dust extracted.

Key Features

• High levels of digestible fibre.

• High feed value can reduce concentrate feeding.

• Suitable for forage and concentrate rations.

• Short chop forage prolongs feeding time.

• 10-11MJ/Kg Digestible Energy.

• Dust extracted.

• Molasses free.

Instructions for Use

Feeding Guidelines:

• Small Horse (9 - 13hh) | Light Work: 0.5kg per day. | Med/Hard Work: 1kg per day.

• Medium Horse (13 - 15hh) | Light Work: 1kg per day. | Med/Hard Work: 2kg per day.

• Large Horse (15 - 16hh) | Light Work: 1.5kg per day. | Med/Hard Work: 2.5kg per day.



Ingredients and nutrition

Feed Material: Dried Grass.

Grass Types: Tall Fescues, Festuloliums.

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 14%, Crude Fibre 25%, Sugar 11%, Starch 1.5%.

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