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NAF - D-itch Lotion - 500ml

NAF - D-itch Lotion - 500ml

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For itchy, irritated, sensitive challenged skin.

NAF D-itch Lotion works in two ways. Firstly, it sinks deep into the skin to soothe and lessen the itch, supporting damaged or irritated skin back to its normal healthy condition. Secondly, NAF D-itch Lotion works as an effective barrier to protect the skin from environmental and seasonal challenges. The ingredients in this product have been specially chosen for their abilities to comfort and restore the skin while fortifying it against further irritations. Applied two to three times a day, NAF D-Itch Lotion will help keep your horse’s skin healthy all year round.

Key Features

NAF D-Itch Lotion is ideal for:

✔ Itchy, irritated skin.

✔ Sensitive dry skin.

Key Benefits:

✔ Helps to soothe irritated areas of sensitive skin.

✔ Reduces the itching sensation.

✔ Creates an effective barrier to protect the skin from environmental and seasonal challenges.

✔ Helps maintain a healthy coat throughout the year.

Instructions for Use

Directions for Use:

• Apply the affected area and massage in well.

• Reapply two to three times per day.

Ingredients and nutrition

Key Ingredient: Bisabolol.


Bottle Size: 500ml
SPR Product Code: NAF0997
Barcode: 5032410130997

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