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Mollichaff Veteran - 12.5kg

Mollichaff Veteran - 12.5kg

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Mollichaff Veteran is a high fibre forage mix designed to complement the forage ration where necessary. It contains a balanced blend of dried grass, dried alfalfa and oat straw and is topped with a dressing combining linseed and soil oil with a very light dressing of molasses, plus added vitamins and minerals, plant-based antioxidants, mint, nettle, salt and added biotin. The high palatability of Mollichaff Veteran makes it ideal for horses and ponies that are unable to consume long forage and require a partial forage replacer. This also makes it extremely appealing to even the fussiest of feeders that require an additional forage source. Mollichaff Veteran is also suitable for youngstock.

Key Features

✔ This high fibre forage blend is designed to complement the forage ration where necessary.

✔ The soft, short chop is ideal for those that may struggle to chew their feed.

✔ High oil for condition, shine and slow release energy.

✔ Can be fed as a partial hay replacer.

✔ Also suitable for youngstock.

Instructions for Use

How much Mollichaff Veteran should I feed?
Mollichaff Veteran should be fed as part of a balanced diet. It can be used to bulk up your bucket feeds and provide the fibre a horse needs. Depending on the size, weight, condition and workload of your horse, we would recommend feeding ½ - 2 scoops per bucket feed. If you would like to discuss this further please contact us.

My horse has dental problems, will Mollichaff Veteran be suitable?
Yes, Mollichaff Veteran is a soft chaff so is easy to chew for a horse with dental problems. It can also be used as a partial hay replacer if the horse is struggling to chew long stemmed forage.

I have a young horse, can I feed them Veteran?
Yes, despite it’s name Mollichaff Veteran is also a great product for young horses as it is higher in protein and energy than some other chaffs. It also has added linseed and soya oil, nettle which are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, limestone and biotin which will all help to give young horses the best start.

Ingredients and nutrition

Oat straw, Dried grass, Cane molasses, Dried alfalfa, Spearmint (2.5%), Soya oil, Linseed oil, Vitamin & mineral premix, Limestone flour, Dried nettle (0.5%), Salt (sodium chloride).

Nutritional Analysis:
Protein 8.0%, Oil 4.5%, Ash 10.0%, Fibre 23%, Calcium 1.3%, Sodium 0.25%, Energy 9.0 MJ/kg, Starch 1.5%.


Bag Size: 12.5kg
SPR Product Code: MK30
Barcode: 5034351000575

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