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Lincoln Herbs - Valerian Cordial - 250ml

Lincoln Herbs - Valerian Cordial - 250ml

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Natural nutritional support.

Lincoln Herbs Valerian Cordial is a natural, non-sedating calmer for horses made from the root of the Valerian herb. Use to maintain calmness in anxious, excitable and highly strung horses or to support horses coping with 'one-off' stressful situations such as clipping, travelling or fireworks. Lincoln Herbs Valerian Cordial can also be beneficial to keep freshly clipped horses relaxed whilst being ridden and to calm horses and ponies on box rest. Lincoln Herbs Valerian Cordial will not make your horse drowsy or affect performance.

*Please note: Do not use if competing under Jockey Club or F.E.I. rules. Not suitable for in-foal mares.

Key Features

✔ Magnesium Free Calmer.

✔ Doesn’t affect performance or focus.

✔ Perfect for stressful 'one-off' situations e.g. clipping, fireworks, travelling.

✔ Non-drowsy formulation.

✔ Suitable for horses and ponies on enforced box rest.

Instructions for Use

Feeding Instructions:

• Introduce to the diet slowly.

• Ideally feed prior to the horse becoming anxious.

Add to the daily feed at the following rates:

• Ponies < 300kg: Feed 5ml.

• Horses 300kg - 600kg: Feed 10ml.

• Horses > 600kg: Feed 15ml.

Ingredients and nutrition

Valerian Oil 0.5% w/w in Linseed Oil.

Oil 90%, Fibre nil, Protein 0.1%, Ash nil, Moisture 1%.


Bottle Size: 250ml
SPR Product Code: BT4585
Barcode: 5027286044585

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