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Leoch - LP12-7.0 (12 volt 7.0Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Battery)

Leoch - LP12-7.0 (12 volt 7.0Ah Sealed Lead-Acid Battery)

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The Leoch LP12-7.0 is an all purpose, maintenance-free sealedlead-acid battery and ideal for 12v electric fence energisers, UPS emergency backup power, emergency lighting, communication equipment and alarm and security systems. It's housed in a strong ABS battery container with a high quality AGM (Absorbant Glass Matt) separator which extends cycle life and prevents any micro short circuits. The battery can work in a wide range of temperatures. -20°C / + 60°C and is specially equipped with low pressure safety valves. The high purity raw materials used in this battery also ensure a very low self-discharge rate and the silver-coated copper T1 terminals improve overall electric conductivity.

Key Features:
AGM (Absorbant Glass Matt) construction.
Strong ABS battery container.
Silver-coated copper terminals for improved electrical conductivitiy.
Extended cycle life.
Very low self-discharge rate.
Wide operating temperature range.

Length: 151mm. Width:65mm. Height: 94.5mm.

Leoch LP12-7.0 Technical Datasheet (opens in new tab).

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