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Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones - Pratiko Pet Carriers

Lazy Bones - Pratiko Pet Carriers

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Pet Carrier Size:
Suitable for small cats and kittens, small dogs and small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Made from tough non-toxic plastic, with a strong metal door and carry handle, the Lazy Bones Pratiko Pet Carrier is perfect for safely transporting small cats and kittens, small dogs and small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. This lightweight pet carrier also featues a secure and strong 'double command' door locking system along with moulded feet to provide a sturdy base and to prevent the carrier from tipping over. The carrier is also well-ventilated, allows for good light flow, and ideal for keeping pets safe and comfortable. The Lazy Bones Pratiko Pet Carrier can be easily secured in a car by passing the seat belt through the handle moulded into the top, and buckling into place.

*Please note: The colour of the Pet Carrier we send you will be dependent on stock availability.

However, if you do require a specific colour, please contact SPR Centre by Clicking Here and we will do our best to provide you with the colour you prefer. (as above, this is not guaranteed).

Key Features

✔ Sturdy plastic pet carrier.

✔ Suitable for small cats and kittens, small dogs and small animals.

✔ Made to the highest standards.

✔ Manufactured from tough non-toxic plastic.

✔ Strong metal door.

✔ Secure 'double command' door locking system.

✔ Good ventilation.

✔ Good light flow.

✔ Sturdy base with moulded feet.

✔ Carry handle.

Instructions for Use

Information for Use:

Carrier size:
Firstly, make sure you have the right size carrier for your pet so they have the space they need to turn around inside.

Familiarising your pet with a carrier:
If you have already tried to put your pet into a carrier and they've been scared or nervous while doing it, they will sometimes release stress hormones. Cleaning the carrier with a biological solution first, before rinsing and letting it air dry will remove these so that you can start the training process with less stress. This needs to be repeated after a visit to the vet to remove any unfamiliar smells.

Carrier Training:
• Set up the carrier with the door open in your pet's favourite room where they like to relax.
• Make sure the door is open at all times and can't accidentally close on them until they're comfortable being in the carrier without you prompting them in.
• Put a familiar blanket that smells of them into the base, this comforts as well as stops them from sliding.
• Pop some treats in the carrier every day until your pet is happy to go into the carrier by themselves
• Once your pet is happy being in the carrier, you can begin shutting the door for a few seconds at a time, rewarding your pet for calm behaviour.
• Increase this time daily until your pet can be in the carrier with the door closed for a few minutes.
• Begin lifting the carrier and moving around the room in short bursts. Take your time and watch your pet carefully for any signs of stress.
• If you know a trip to the vet is coming up, start this training at least a few days beforehand so that your cat has a chance to get used to the carrier. The more time you give them to get used to the carrier, the better!

Leave the carrier down permanently for your pet. Pets often associate carriers with one thing and one thing only - a visit to the vets! Leaving the carrier down as an extra resting place for your pett will avoid this negative association developing, which should reduce their anxiety and stress prior to their vet visit. It will also smell very familiar, which will help your pet feel far safer when taken away from their home.

*There are the times when a pet should not be crated (for psychological or medical reasons):
• Never crate your pet for more than 5 hours (except overnight)
• If your pet is genuinely afraid of the crate then you shouldn’t crate him. It would be cruel to do so.
• Crating your dog or cat for hours even at a time of evenings or on weekends, they would miss out on exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship.
• You shouldn’t crate your pet in warm weather, keep your pet crate-free during hot weather so that they can move around freely and find a cool place to relax.
• You should not crate your pet for your selfish reasons or just to get them out of the way.

Ingredients and nutrition

Made from tough, non-toxic plastic with a strong galvanised metal door.


Dimensions: Length: 48cm, Width: 31.5cm, Height: 33cm.

SPR Product Code: DEN9047

Barcode: 8022967049047

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