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Johnson's - Pigeon Tonic Gold - 500ml (also recommended for poultry)

Johnson's - Pigeon Tonic Gold - 500ml (also recommended for poultry)

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Johnson's Pigeon Tonic Gold is multi-vitamin and mineral liquid supplement for pigeons. With added amin acids and other beneficial ingredients including aniseed, Johnson's Pigeon Tonic Gold helps to promote and maintain good health, peak condition, speed and top form for racing, breeding and showing. Johnson's Pigeon Tonic Gold is also invaluable when birds are moulting or in poor condition.

Feeding Quantity:
Shake well before use. Dilute 10ml (2 x 5ml plastic household measing spoon) of Johnson's Pigeon Tonic Gold intp approx. 2 litres of drinking water once a week.

*Do not use undiluted. Do not mix with any other product*

Directions for use:
Racing: Give once weekly throughout the season.
Breeding: Give weekly throughout the breeding season.
Moulting: At first signs, Johnson's Pigeon Tonic Gold for 3 days, then once or twice weekly until the moult ends.
Poor Condition: During periods of poor condition give on alternate days, then once or twice weekly.

Vitamin A 1500iu, Vitamin D 300iu, Vitamin E 345mg, Vitamin B1 237mg, Vitamin B6 103mg, Vitamin K 105mg, Folic Acid 25mg, L-Tryptophan 50mg, Iron 0.21mg, Zinc 0.14mg, Copper 0.001mg, Aniseed Oil.

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