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Johnson's - Anti-Pek Pump Spray - 100ml

Johnson's - Anti-Pek Pump Spray - 100ml

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Johnson's Anti-Pek Pump Spray is a solution containing ingredients which are distasteful to caged birds and poultry, therefore by applying the spray directly onto the bird helps to deter feather plucking or self-harm.

Key Features:
An aid to prevent feather plucking and self harm.
For cage birds and poultry.

Directions for Use:
Shake well before use. Cover or remove food and water containers before spraying. Avoid spraying into bird's eyes.

Cage Birds:
Use sparingly. Spray lightly at birds in the cage from a distance of about 30cm (12"), giving only 2 or 3 gentle pumps of spray. Very young birds - allow a light mist omly from 2 or 3 pumps of spray to fall on them.
USE ONCE DAILY or as required. Keep birds occupied and provide seed treats, mirror, toys etc, to prevent boredom.

Poultry: Spray each bird around the tail and vent and any affected parts.
Baby Chicks: Allow alight mist to fall on them.
USE DAILY or as required. Isolate ring leaders, avoid over-crowding, give extra protein and vitamins. Provide scratch feed and green food.
If pecking persists, suspect insect pests and treat with a Poultry Parasite Control Product.

Contains: Bitrex®

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