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Japonica - Firewood Kindling (1 x Netting Bag)

Japonica - Firewood Kindling (1 x Netting Bag)

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Good quality, ultra-dry and ready to burn kindling suitable for fireplaces, open fires, chimeneas and wood burners. This kindling is made from locally-sourced mixed hardwoods (Ash, and Beech, among others) which is more dense than softwood meaning it burns for longer (and importantly, keeps you warmer). The unsung hero of the fire making process, kindling is an important and cost-effective way to build a fire that burns strong with maximum output and a minimum of mess and fuss. Used in conjunction with firewood logs and natural firelighters, you will have a roaring fire going in no time at all.

Key Features

✔ Quality, dry and ready to burn kindling.

✔ Locally sourced.

✔ Naturally seasoned for 18 months.

✔ Stored in a barn to remain dry.

✔ 100% natural.

Instructions for Use

How to light a log fire:

1. Place two or three firelighters on the fire bed.

2. To make a combustion chamber around the firelighters, put one piece of kindling against the appliance's back wall. You should then place four or five more pieces of kindling against this first piece. Be careful to leave enough space to reach the firelighters.

3. Light the firelighters and wait until the kindling begins to burn.

4. Once the flames are established add some small logs to the fire. Once these are burning well add some larger logs, always looking to place logs where it can help the fire spread to fill the grate. One reason why a log fire goes out is that people are too impatient, and load the log fire with fuel before the base of the fire has established itself.

5. When you are happy that there is sufficient fuel on the log fire, replace your fire guard, clear away any fire-making materials and refill your log basket.

Safety Instructions:
For safe effective use always keep chimneys and flueways clear and ensure your appliance has adequate ventilation. A fireguard should always be used with an open fire. Store in a dry place. Do not overload your fire. Handle with care, Extremely hot when burning. Always take care and precaution when lighting a fire.

Ingredients and nutrition

Contains: Seasoned, barn dried, mixed hardwood.


Approx. Kindling Length (each): 18cm.
Approx Weight of Bag: 4kg
SPR Centre Product Code: FWD1.
Sustainably Sourced: Yes.
Locally Sourced: Yes.
Works Best On: Fireplaces, Open fires, chimeneas and wood burners, open BBQ's.

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