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Intelec - Traditional Infra-Red Heat Lamp with Reducer Switch

Intelec - Traditional Infra-Red Heat Lamp with Reducer Switch

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A CE marked and British made traditional infrared heat lamp, suitable for chicks, piglets, pets or any animal requiring a heat source to keep warm. This lamp includes a Reducer switch that cuts the power by 50% making it ideal to use during the daytime or when the animals are a little older and don't need as much heat. The lamp also has a large aluminium shade (ø30cm) and includes a 1.8 metre length of mains cable with attached plug and a 1.5 metre alloy chain with a hook for hanging the lamp from the ceiling. The bulb holder takes screw fitting bulbs of all types up to 250watt including infrared bulbs, dull emitter bulbs and many other types. *Bulb not included.

Key Features

✔ Suitable for all screw-fitting bulbs (E27) up to 250 watts including infra-red bulbs, dull emitter bulbs and many other types.

✔ Ideal for Poultry Chicks, Calves, Goats, Lambs, Piglets, Puppies, Kittens, Reptiles etc.

✔ 50% energy-saving switch.

✔ Large 30cm diameter aluminium shade.

✔ Ventilation slots for optimal air circulation.

✔ 1.8 metre mains cable with attached plug.

✔ Galvanised fixing hook and 1.5 metre chain for hanging the lamp from the ceiling.

✔ GS/CE/EN standard tested.

✔ Made in the UK.

Instructions for Use

Important safety warnings and user instructions:

• Exclusively attach the lamp protector with the supplied chain and hook.

• Attach the hook to your attachment point and make sure that the carryingcapacity of it is at least 20 kg.

• This lamp protector may only be used with heating lamps of max. 250 Watt (E27 fitting).

• Never suspend the lamp protector by the supply cable.

• Make sure the supply cable cannot get in contact with animals.

• Clean the lamp regularly (depending on the amount of dust) and check the cable on possible damages.

• Unplug from outlet while not in use and before cleaning or checking. Allow to cool before touching the bulb or before cleaning.

• Do not use damaged lamps and unplug them immediately.

• Have a defective or damaged lamp protector repaired by an acknowledged electronic technician.


• Always keep a minimum distance of 60 cm between the lamp and animals and inflammable materials such as hay, straw or sawdust.

• Make sure to keep the lamp away from inflammable objects such as partition walls, curtains or blankets.

• To protect against electric shock, do not place cable, plug or appliance in water or other liquid.

Ingredients and nutrition

Material: Aluminium.


Suitable for: Chicks, lambs, piglets, puppies, kittens, reptiles or any animal requiring heat.
Voltage: 220-240VAC.
Max. Wattage: 250Watt.
Lamp Fitting: E27.
Aluminium Shade Diameter: 30cm.
Cable length: 1.8 metres.
Suspension Chain Length: 1.5 metres.
SPR Product Code: IH0303
Barcode: 5060189540303

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