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Intelec - Ceramic Infra-Red Dull Emitter Bulb - 150watt

Intelec - Ceramic Infra-Red Dull Emitter Bulb - 150watt

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The Intelec screw-fit (ES27 ) ceramic dull-emitter bulb is true infra-red with no bright light - just radiant heat. This DE bulb is more resistant to everyday use than the glass ruby bulbs and ideal for adding background heat to a room. This bulb is also unaffected by water splashes. A 150 watt bulb is suitable for 50 - 100 chicks.

*Please Note* This bulb is only suitable for use with wide rimmed heat lamps such as the Infra-Red Heat Lamps (TR5612) (IH0280) and the Infra-Red Heat Lamps with 50% Reducer switches (TR2208) (IH0303) or similar type models.

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