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Hotline - Shrike Energiser

Hotline - Shrike Energiser

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The Hotline Shrike is a compact 3v battery powered electric fence energiser and is ideal for equestrian use, paddock fencing or strip grazing up to 800m. The Shrike has a capacity of 0.04 stored joules and runs off two 1.5v D-Cell batteries (included) which will last approximately 6 weeks when running 24 hours a day (in ideal conditions). It can also be powered by a 12v external battery with input leads (not included) to give a higher output voltage. The Shrike has a cleverly designed shape which means that it can be placed on the electric fence line or attached to a fence post. It can even be hung on an earth stake (in effect using the earth stake as a stand). The Hotline Shrike also has an On/Off switch plus an LED pulse indicator to indicate that the unit is working. *Includes 5 year warranty* Made in the UK.

Key Features:
3v internal battery input.
Powered by two D-Cell batteries.
Powers up to 800m.
Up to 6 weeks battery life.
Pulse indicator.
On/Off switch.
5 year warranty.
12v external battery option.

Stored Energy: 0.04 Joules
Max. Output Energy: 0.03 Joules
Max. Voltage Output: 9500v
Output Volts at 500ohms (under heavy load): 580v
Consumption: 18mA
Recommended Max Distance: 800m:

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