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Hotline - Raptor 80 Energiser

Hotline - Raptor 80 Energiser

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The Hotline Raptor 80 electric fence energiser offers the highest level of flexibility, quality and ease of use. In addition to a 12v external battery input and 230v mains adaptor input, the Raptor 80 will also operate from an internally loaded 6v spring top (PJ996) battery. This is the standard capacity battery, commonly used in domestic torches and is widely available in most supermarkets. This will offer an easily accessible emergency power source and can also operate as a reserve back up when charging your 12v battery. The Hotline Raptor 80 also features innovative three colour rotating LED's which show how much effective voltage you have on the fence line, as well as important information on the general health of your fence system - all at a glance. A central LED also flashes red when your 12v battery is low, or when the energiser is running from the 6v internal battery. All of these features are housed in a tough ABS case of unrivalled strength. It also comes with a heavy-duty galvanised steel stand. The Raptor 80 Energiser has a maximum single line distance of 8km (2 poultry nets or 5 sheep nets) and is ideal for smaller electric fencing applications such as small paddocks, poultry pens, strip grazing etc. *Batteries not included.

Key Features:
6v internal battery input.
12v external battery power input.
230v mains input (via adaptor).
Three colour fence performance monitor.
Low battery indicator.
Robust, heavy duty ABS case.
Galvanised steel stand.
Weatherproof switch.
5 year warranty.
Solar assist.

Approx Max Distance: 8km (single line).
2 x close pitch nets (poultry) 5 x Wide pitch nets (sheep).
Stored Energy: 0.8 Joules.
Max. Output Energy: 0.7 Joules.
Max. Voltage Output: 8100v.
Consumption: 107mA.
Output Volts at 500ohms (under heavy load): 4300v.

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