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Hotline - Gemini 120 Energiser

Hotline - Gemini 120 Energiser

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The Hotline Gemini 120 is a combination dual input, AC-DC electric fence energiser which can either be powered from a 12v leisure battery or from a mains supply. This makes it perfect for those wanting to make the transition from a temporary, portable fence to a low maintenance mains system without the expense of purchasing two energisers. This is ideal if you wish to 'future proof' the fence and envisage shifting from a temporary installation to a more permanent set-up, and also for those needing to move poultry systems around their land (where power requirements change). The Gemini 120 has a maximum single line distance of 18km (4 poultry nets or 15 sheep nets) and comes complete with a 12v mains adaptor along with earth, fence and battery leads, and a galvanised stand. Alternatively, the Hotline Gemini 40 can be can be mounted on a wall, a wooden post, or an earth stake. This is the perfect energiser for a variety of electric fencing applications such as paddocks, poultry systems, smallholdings, strip grazing cattle etc.

Key Features:
220v mains input.
12v DC input.
Low battery/pulse indicator.
Galvanised stand
5 year warranty.
Solar assist.

Approx Max Distance: 18km (single line).
4 x close pitch nets (poultry) 15 x Wide pitch nets (sheep).
Stored Energy: 2.4 Joules.
Max. Output Energy: 1.2 Joules.
Max. Voltage Output: 8100v.
Consumption: 200mA.
Output Volts at 500ohms (under heavy load): 4800v.

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