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Hotline - Fire Drake 67 | 12 volt 0.67J Solar Powered Energiser

Hotline - Fire Drake 67 | 12 volt 0.67J Solar Powered Energiser

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A medium power solar energiser with a built-in 12 watt solar panel and internal 12 volt 12 amp/hr battery.

The Hotline Fire Drake 67 Solar Powered Energiser is a medium powered energiser with an output power of 0.5j which is suitable for powering short to medium length fences (up to 5km). It has an integrated high capactity solar panel which is carefully designed to match the power output of the energiser. The 12W solar panel is more than capable of keeping the internal 12v battery charged even while in constant use. The 12v battery is integrated into the base of the unit, behind the angled solar panel and there's a sturdy carry handle at the top making this a well balanced and easily portable unit. The on/off switch lights up when switched on and it's about an inch across so you can see it from a distance as it flashes with every pulse of the energiser. The Hotline Fire Drake 67 also includes a low battery / pulse indicator so you can easily tell if the energiser is getting enough power. The output can then be adjusted with high or low settings to suit your fencing. The unit also comes with a mains adapter which can be used to help keep the internal battery fully charged during the winter months.This great medium length fencer stands out from other solar powered energisers on the market. Many solar units are too low-powered or the solar panels just aren't adequate to power the unit but Hotline have designed the Fire Drake to operate at popular power levels and keep a constant charge. This is a really sturdy unit that's easy to move around the field and comes with a 5 year warranty.

*Hotline Fire Drake energisers can be mounted on T' section earth stakes and onto the wall/post mounting bracket. An earth stake of minimum 1 metre is recommended.

Click Here to download the instruction manual.

Key Features

✔ 12 watt solar panel.

✔ 0.67 Stored joule | 0.50 Joule output | 5 km max distance.

✔ 12v 12ah internal battery.

✔ Battery charger.

✔ Low battery indicator.

✔ Pulse indicator.

✔ Made in the UK.

✔ 5 year warranty.

Instructions for Use

Directions for Use: Please see the download link (above).

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Technical specifications:

• Power supply: 12 V
• Operating mode: Battery
• Solar: Yes
• Integrated solar panel output: 12 W
• Capacity integrated battery (C100): 12
• Voltage DC: 12v
• Stored joules (low power setting): 0.67 J
• Output joules (low power setting): 0.5 J
• Possible number of 50 m netting connections (sheep) low power setting: 5
• Possible number of 50 m netting connections (poultry) low power setting: 1
• Output volts (low power setting): 9100 V
• Max. voltage 500 ohm (low power setting): 3900 V
• Distance (low power setting): 5 km
• Power consumption 12 V min. 50 mA
• Dimensions: Length 40 cm, Width 41 cm, Depth 22 cm.
• Weight: 7.482 kg.
• SPR Product Code: HZ8479
• Barcode: 5021385008479

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