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Hotline - Earth Stake for Electric Fences - 1 metre

Hotline - Earth Stake for Electric Fences - 1 metre

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The Hotline Earth Stake comes with a wing nut and bolt connection. It is highly conductive and should be considered the minimum requirement for earthing an electric fence of up to 1km in length (i.e. 1 x earth stake for each 1km of single fence line). If your fence is 1km long and consists of two lines of wire, use 2 earth stakes (join them together with HT cable). The earthing system is an integral part of your energiser's performance and indeed, the performance of your entire electric fencing set-up. Inadequate earthing is the most common failure in electric fence operation but often one of the most simple to remedy (e.g. simply ensuring that the earth stake is pushed or hammered fully into the ground can make all the difference to a small system).

Key Features

✔ Total length: 100cm.

✔ With wing nut and bolt connection.

✔ 9mm diameter.

✔ Suitable for use with all Hotline energisers.

✔ Made of robust galvanised steel.

✔ Doubles as a stand for the Hotline Shrike energiser.

Instructions for Use

Instructions for use:
Connect your earth stake to the energiser using the leads supplied with your energiser or one of the cables from an earth/live cable set, or by using double insulated high voltage cable (HT/G Cable particularly if you are using a mains powered energiser). If your land is likely to become very dry in the summer, it is highly recommended that you increase the number of earth stakes you incorporate. If or when connecting multiple earth stakes, join the earth stakes together using a 1m length of wire and bury them completely. (If you have an area of land that tends to stay damp throughout the year, this would be an ideal location for your earth stakes). * Please Note: Always ensure that earth stakes are installed at least 10m away from other earthing systems (e.g. household earth, neighbours or outbuildings.

Grounding Information:
Grounding a fence system is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of building an electric fence. This is possibly because the terminology is similar to that of household electric and implies safety role rather than an integral part of fence operation. The fence line is only one half of the circuit - the ground is the other. The two together form an open circuit which is completed, like a switch, when the animal touches both. The fence line operates efficiently as the electricity is carried through highly conductive filaments but on return the pulse is carried through the ground itself. This is a very variable medium which is affected by weather conditions, geology and the extent of the earth system installed. In dry conditions the ground conducts poorly so it is always recommended to at least install the ground stake(s) in damp soil. We recommend a minimum of one 1 metre earth stake for any fence application at at least 1m in depth as the top soil is the most susceptible to change. A fence can only be improved by adding multiple stakes linked with wire driven as deep into the earth is possible. Multiple stakes should be placed 2 metres apart.

Ingredients and nutrition

Material: Steel


Dimensions: Length: 1 metre. Diameter: Ø9mm.
SPR Product Code: HL1272
Barcode: 5021385001272

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