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Horizont - Turbomax T40 - Pasture Electric Fence Tape - 40mm x 200m

Horizont - Turbomax T40 - Pasture Electric Fence Tape - 40mm x 200m

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The Turbomax T40 Pasture Electric Fence Tape in white with black outer edges offers more contrast to the surroundings and better visibility at dusk and in the dark. The tape is particularly suitable for long to very long fences and has a length of 200 m. It is 40 mm wide and has a maximum breaking load of 240 kg, making it safe to fence your animals in pastures. Horizont pasture fence tapes are made of high quality plastics and stainless steel, this guarantees a long durability.

Key Features:
✔ TLDmax technology with 0.09 Ohm/m resistance for very long fences and highest demands.
✔ Particularly high tensile strength of 240 kg promises maximum guarding safety.
✔ Bundled conductors for highest conductivity and high current flow.
✔ Constant current flow and optimal current routing thanks to cross-connections.
✔ High conductivity ensures high herding safety.
✔ TLDmax conductors are extremely weather resistant.
✔ Polyethylene threads for highest durability and high breaking loads.

Your fencing should have sturdy corner and intermediate posts that simultaneously tension the pasture fence tape and keep it level. This way it hangs straight and parallel to each other.

Material: Polyethylene (PE)
Colour: White
Reel: 200m.
Tape width: 40mm.
Amount of conductors: 12.
Number of stainless steel conductors: 1.
Diameter of stainless steel conductors: 0.2mm.
Number of TLDmax conductors: 11.
Diameter TLDmax: 0.25mm.
Resistance: 0.09 Ohm/m.
Max. fence length: 33300m.
Max. fence length (battery): 7700m.
Max. fence length (accumulator): 23000m.
Breaking strength: 240kg.

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