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Horizont - Infra-Red Heat Lamp

Horizont - Infra-Red Heat Lamp

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A GS/CE approved and British made infrared heat lamp, suitable for chicks, piglets, pets, or any animal requiring a heat source to keep warm. This lamp is designed to be used with screw-fitting (E27) infrared bulbs and infrared energy saving bulbs up to 250 watts. It consists of a high quality spun aluminium shade with ventilation slits for optimal air circulation, a 2.5 metre rubber mains cable with moulded plug, and a galvanised fixing hook and 2 metre chain for convenient hanging. This lamp also comes with a Ø21cm galvanised mesh guard which protects the bulb against damage as well as chicks and piglets etc. against burns. The lamp is also splash water-proof (IPX4) with safety insulation and very reliable. *Please Note: We advise against using ceramic infrared dull emitter heat bulbs with this type of lamp. Please use this lamp with the 'glass type' infrared light emitting bulbs only. *Bulbs sold separately.

Key Features

✔ Suitable for 'glass type' screw-fitting infra-red bulbs (E27) up to 250 watts.

✔ Ideal for Poultry, Calves, Goats, Lambs, Pigs, Puppies and Kittens.

✔ Ventilation slots for optimal air circulation.

✔ Galvanised mesh guard to protect bulbs from being knocked or damaged.

✔ 2.5 metre mains cable with attached plug.

✔ Galvanised fixing hook and chain for hanging the lamp from the ceiling.

✔ GS/CE/EN standard tested.

Instructions for Use

Important safety warnings and user instructions:

• Exclusively attach the lamp protector with the supplied chain and hook.

• Attach the hook to your attachment point and make sure that the carryingcapacity of it is at least 20 kg.

• This lamp protector may only be used with heating lamps of max. 250 Watt (E27 fitting).

• Never suspend the lamp protector by the supply cable.

• Make sure the supply cable cannot get in contact with animals.

• Fasten the protection basket well before using - the lamp protector must only be used with the protection basket assembled.

• Protect the lamp protector against bumping.

• Clean the lamp protector regularly (depending on the amount of dust) and check the cable on possible damages.

• Unplug from outlet while not in use and before cleaning or checking. Allow to cool before touching the bulb or before cleaning.

• Do not use damaged lamp protectors and unplug them immediately.

• Have a defective or damaged lamp protector repaired by an acknowledged electronic technician.


• Always keep a minimum distance of 60 cm between the lamp protector and animals and inflammable materials such as hay, straw or sawdust.

• Make sure to keep the lamp protector from inflammable objects such as partition walls, curtains or blankets.

• To protect against electric shock, do not place cable, plug or appliance in water or other liquid.

Ingredients and nutrition

Material: Aluminium


Suitable for: Poultry, Calf, Goat, Lamb, Pig, Puppy, Kitten.
Voltage: 220-240VAC, ingress of protection II (double isolated).
Max. Wattage: 250Watt, ingress of protection IPX4 (splash proof).
Lamp Fitting: E27.
Aluminium Shade Diameter: 21.5cm.
Length (inclucing mesh guard): 34cm.
Cable length: 2.5 metres.
SPR Product Code: HZP1296
Barcode: 4014803421296

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