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Herban Liquid

Herban Liquid

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Herban Liquid is a concentrated mix of oregano oil to support the health status of poultry, game birds, pigs, cattle and fish. The oregano is cultivated and harvested under organic conditions. On harvest during the summer months, the plant is dried, emulsified and the oil is steam extracted via distillation from the raw material. It is then graded to specific standards, ensuring that only highest quality oil is used in the formulation of Herban Liquid. This oil is further blended with specialised carriers and de-mineralised water to provide a unique liquid for animal health. The key active ingredients are carvacol and thymol which offer a phenol effect in the gut of the animal on consumption. The activity of the blend is to degrade the cell wall of harmful bacteria and allowing the gut wall to mature to maximum potential. With greater surface area of the gut wall, it allows better absorption of nutrients in turn resulting in optimising better growth rates, and with healthy animals there is a reduction in mortality rates. The benefits of Herban Liquid include maintaining gut health flora, improving feed intake (which allows for better absorption of nutrients), optimising growth rates, and to help during stress periods by encouraging feed and water intake. Other benefits include an anti-diarrhoea effect, no residues, and no egg or meat withdrawal time.

Key Features

Herban Liquid for Poultry:

The Benefits:
• Maintains Gut Health Flora
• Improves Feed Intake
• Optimises Growth Rates in Broilers and Pullets
• Helps During Stress Periods
• Supports Better Returns on Egg Production
• Reduces Mortality
• Improves Feed Conversion Rate


Herban Liquid for Pigs:

The Benefits:
• Acts as a Feed Flavouring
• Increases Sow Milk Production
• Improves Feed Efficiency
• Increases Litter Size
• Improves Weaning and Slaughter Weight
• Drier Faeces


Herban Liquid for Game Birds:

The Benefits:
• Maintains Gut Health
• Improves Feed Intake
• Optimise Growth Rates
• Helps during Stress Periods
• Reduces Mortality
• No Residues


Herban Liquid for Cattle:

The Benefits:
• Improves Feed Palatability
• Reduces Stress during Heat Periods
• Improves Milk Yield / Quality
• Reduces Rumen Issues
• Reduces Diarrhoea / Scouring
• Improves Meat Yield


Herban Liquid for Fish:

The Benefits:
• Maintains Gut Health
• Increases Weight Gain
• Improves Feed Conversion Rate
• Increases Liveability
• Increases Immunity against Pathogens
• No Bacterial Resistance or Residues

Instructions for Use

Feeding Guidelines: (see image)

Ingredients and nutrition

Active Ingredients: Carvacol and Thymol.


Size: 250ml.
SPR Product Code: DS21.
Barcode: 5897228530168.

Size: 1 litre.
Product Code: DS22.
Barcode: 5897228530169.

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