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Henry Bell

Henry Bell - Heritage Sunflower Hearts Feeder

Henry Bell - Heritage Sunflower Hearts Feeder

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The Henry Bell Heritage Sunflower Hearts Feeder is a strong & stylish heavy duty 32cm tall feeder which holds 490g of Sunflower Hearts. With an easy to open, robust lid and two bird friendly perches the feeder is made in aluminium which is light, strong, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain and beautifully finished in antique gold. The feeder incorporates bronzed crafted diamond wire mesh designed to enable the wild birds feeding experience. The Henry Bell Heritage Sunflower Hearts Feeder also includes a hanging loop, so the feeder can be hung from a tree branch or bird feeding station. Choose a safe and open location away from predators, where wild birds will feel safe to feed.

Key Features:
Attract and feed Coal Tits, Robins, Blue Tits and many more wild birds.
Approximate capacity for 490g of Sunflower Hearts.
To use, lift the lid and fill with Sunflower Hearts.
Easy to clean and refill.
Solid and elegant base.
Includes 2 bird friendly perches.
Part of the elegant Heritage Collection by Henry Bell.

Dimensions: Height: 32cm.

Key Features

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