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Henry Bell

Henry Bell - Heritage Ground Feeder

Henry Bell - Heritage Ground Feeder

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This Henry Bell Heritage Ground Feeder provides the perfect option for ground feeding birds while offering protection from squirrels and larger birds. This premium quality bird feeder is made from durable and hardwearing aluminium and with a dark matt finish. The roof canopy protects food to keep it dry and the feeder is completed with a cage. The cage is the perfect size for small wild birds to access. Plus, it is raised slightly from the ground on sturdy legs to keep food fresh. Small natural ground feeding birds like Robins, Dunnocks and House Sparrows will love this feeder. It is perfect for supporting ground feeding birds all year round, and particularly helpful when they can’t access their normal food source due to hot, dry summers or freezing cold winters. The Henry Bell Heritage Ground Feeder is ideal for use with seed blends, sunflower hearts or mealworms. To use, choose a safe and open location away from predators, where wild birds will feel safe to feed. *Not suitable for peanuts. 

Key Features:
Ideal for natural ground feeders like Robins, House Sparrows, Dunnocks and many more wild birds.
Suitable for use with any Henry Bell Seed Blends, Sunflower Hearts or Mealworms.
To use, lift the canopy and fill with bird feed.
Easy to keep clean and top up.
Solid base to prevent food falling to the ground.
Part of the Henry Bell Heritage Collection.

Dimensions: Length: 23cm. Width: 16.5cm. Height: 20cm.

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