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Henry Bell

Henry Bell - Fat Balls (Tub of 50)

Henry Bell - Fat Balls (Tub of 50)

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Henry Bell Fat Balls are a highly nutritious, fat rich, staple wild bird feed. They are easy to use and are highly nutritious providing much needed energy for garden birds all year round. Henry Bell Fat Balls are made from fat and a mix of seed and grain. All these raw ingredients are of the highest quality and have been carefully developed to attract a wide range of wild birds. They are suitable for use with fat ball feeders, on bird tables or for ground feeding.

Key Features:
Wild Bird Satisfaction Guaranteed
Perfect for fat ball feeders, hanging from trees, bird tables or ground feeding
Packed with fats and energy
Easy to use and are highly nutritious
Attracts a wide variety of birds

Cereals, Oils and Fats, Seeds, Minerals.

Crude Protein 8.5%, Crude Fibres 9.0%, Crude Fat 19.0%, Crude Ash 9.0%.

Key Features

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