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Harkers - Duramitex Plus - 500ml

Harkers - Duramitex Plus - 500ml

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Harkers Duramitex Plus is a completely safe, natural and effective treatment for the eradication of red mites in pigeon lofts, chicken coops and aviaries. Spray Duramitex Plus liberally around the area to be treated, paying particular attention to cracks and crevices. A Sticky trap is literally formed which immediately immobilises the adult mite and prevents other life stages from developing (breaking the life cycle). Regular 6-8 weekly use of Duramitex Plus will prevent the return of red mite and all other small insects pests. All airborne allergens will be eliminated by coating the mite. Harkers Duramitex Plus is safe to use with birds still in situ.

Key Features:
Completely safe, natural and effective treatment for the eradication of red mites.
Suitable for use in pigeon lofts, chicken coops and aviaries.
Pesticide free.
Safe for all types of birds.
Controls mites in an instant.
Safe for humans.

Shake well before use. Direct nozzle approximately 30cm (1foot) from the surface to be treated and away from your body. Pump the trigger and using a sweeping motion to ensure uniform coverage of the surface, apply until run off. Pay special attention to cracks, crevices and joints in walls and flooring. Ensure these areas are soaked in Duramitex Plus. Wash hands after use.

Slightly darker areas may be observed on treated surfaces. This is normal and will disappear as the product dries off completely. Hard non porous surfaces should not normally require treatment. If sprayed these surfaces will appear wet for approximately 30 minutes after treatment and may present a slip hazard until dry.

Contains a combination of silicones. Due to their mechanical mode of action, these active ingredients are considered exempt under the Biocides Directive.

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