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Green Line - Bioplastic Galley Pot - 300ml Capacity

Green Line - Bioplastic Galley Pot - 300ml Capacity

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The Green Line Bioplastic Galley Pot is made from 100% natural, non-oil based material (sugar cane and beet which is coloured with natural dyes). The material is not biodegradable, locking 100% of the CO² absorbed by the plant during growth. For every ton of material used in the production of the Green Line range, up to 2.1 tons of CO² is extracted from the atmosphere helping to reduce greenhouse gases. Ideal for cage birds, pigeons, poultry, rabbits and other small animals, the galley pot has two integral hooks at the rear for fixing to a bird cage, coop, aviary, hutch or run and is equally suitable for use either as a drinking or feeding cup or as a small grit pot. It is also easy to clean and rot proof. Produced using renewable raw materials, the Green Line Bioplastic Galley Pot is a unique and positive step forward towards 100% recyclable equipment for both poultry and pets.

Width: 9.5cm. Depth: 7cm. Capacity: 300ml.

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